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Intellius, Inc

I just want to report that I was charged 3 times for something I didn't use. On 3/26/08 I was 1.00 twice. Once was from AP9*PMIDENTITY.COM the other from AP9*YOURSAVINGSCLUB-V which is the same site. Now I was willing to let that go, but I checked my bank statement online today and I was charged on ...

Continental Warranty

I bought a warranty from the Rip-Off Specialist Continental Warranty, and I signrd a contract foit me paying the $100.00 Deductible, but my repair was for $373.21, and they sent me a check for $148.75! You do the math. Its easy to see without using a calculator I should have received $273.21. ...

Broadcasters Training Network And Tom Mansfield
Broadcasting school called National Broadcasters Training Network lies about job placement to get your money - Worse Radio School Ever! Internet

National Broadcasters Training Network or BTN is one of the online radio schools - broadcasting schools, and they told me that their course was "hands on" radio training. They also said they "placed 90% of their students into paid, on air positions." My rep there was Casey O'Brien who has worked at ...