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Samra Knezevic
Child Molestation

Samra Knezevic molested our child. She was left in charge of our two children while we were away and when we came home after Samra was already gone, we found evidence that are child had been sexually molested by Samra Knezevic which was evident from bruises on our son's thighs as well as ...

Tim Minard
MTS Circulation

Tim Minard knocked on our door representing himself as a person who was trying to win a trip by selling the most magazines. He was quite the talker, VERY friendly, & VERY persuasive. He got my Husband to write him a $59 check made payable to MTS CIRCULATION LLC-152. The address on the yellow & pink ...

Just Brakes
Ripped Off!

I too have been hustled and abused by Just Brakes here in Phoenix. I should have walked out after the Leader AD was dismissed, however, I fell for the con in good faith and paid 4-5 times more than the ad offered. The problem developed and played out at the 32nd Street and Greenway location. First, ...