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Iwas a recent employee at mcdonalds in elkhart indiana store #4470 i worked in the lobby i was talked to so rudely by a assistant manager named Samatha on 2 different occassions. when my shift was over i politely asked if i could clock out and she i will let you know when its time for you to leave, ...


I am a empolyee and i cant take the heat they put me on the fry and grill all the time i leave work sometimes feelind sick and the managers i have told them and my boss diane and they do nothing and they suppene me from work cause i dont feel good and need a doctors note they treat me like crap iam ...


I just quit my 10 year career at mcdonalds not because I wanted to but because I had to! who will put up with being sick (vomiting for hours) at work and having your boss tell you to clean it up and get back to work. When you finally say you are going to ER she and supervisor say you were drinking ...