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Centex Home Equity

Centex is all Bulls**t. They stold our home, that we had just put 38, 000.00 into remodling, Centex was in breach of contract from day one. We had an esscrow to pay the taxes & ins. This was to be done by & though them(Centex) however when I found out there was no ins. on our home since we ...

Centex Home Equity Company
Former Loan Officer Speaks Out I hate that people got treated the way they did, evil corporation out to ruin everyone. Things to do to protect yourself

I only need to read a few about Centex Home Equity to know the damage that the Lewisville (call center) has done. I worked at this call center as a loan officer for more than a year and I hate that people got treated the way they did. There is quite a bit of pressure from ...