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Premier Holiday Travel Club
Monterray Collections Premier Holiday Travel Scam...Beware Premier Holiday Travel Club Cancun, Cancun

We were had five years ago in the Bahaamas by Premier Holiday Travel. Our trip was at Atlantis under Sheraton's program and we were approached by one of their "lackeys." We were told that Premier's program not only could give us additional travel opportunities not under Sheraton but save 50% on airflights. They said they'd always beat the competition, even Priceline and showed a chart. They said their "travel club" would be there to save us airfare and hotel costs even when we didn't use their venues. He said they'd only "need a call" and the rest was easy once we signed up. With that, we paid $3, 000 and agreed to a $160 annual fee for maintainence. Since that time it's been a nightmare. Don't use them!!!! Everytime we called their number it would disconnect. When we tried other numbers, we'd get an answer after 20 or 30 rings in Spanish. There never was anyone who'd speak pure English. Sometimes in broken English they'd say they'll get somebody and the line would go dead. Our kids would call and speak in Spanish and once they started asking questions, the lines would drop. After a year we got a bill and a US number.
We spoke to them about our problems and were told they couldn't help us. They gave us other numbers and again the same run around. When we asked to make airfare plans, they'd say they're having phone problems and would then disconnect.
This run around continued for 4 years! After paying fees 3x, we stopped last year because we never got anything....no airfare discounts, no travel venues...zip. Even after probably 35 or more attempts. In December 2006, we got a notice that our fee for 2007 was to be $500..."...that it was a one time only because they were enhancing their brochures, improving their websites and getting more vacation venues..." We got calls from their US branch but upon explaining our inability to use their program were told they couldn't arrange anything. That they are only for unpaid fees etc. They gave us Cancun numbers and again broken English and disconnects when our Spanish speaking children asked them direct questions. Obviously, we didn't pay. The next thing we know we got a letter from Monterrey Collections...Teresa Reeder was a name listed. They didn't want to know anything 'only that we owed them $160. Negotiations were stalemated until they agreed to accept our money with this being the final bill because of waiving all rights. They sent us the waiver letter release and we paid thinking we were done with these losers. Well, we just got another bill from Teressa Reeder on June 21st, dated May 12, 2008. It said we owed them $160 for fees and that Monterrey Collections was going to be referred our account if we didn't pay.

These people are less than credible and certainly Florida and US officials should be engaged in shutting these crooks down. What can we do?
Save yourself a lot of aggravation, call the cops if approached anywhere about attending a Premier Holiday Travel Club welcome. It's a nightmare!
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Offender: Premier Holiday Travel Club

Country: Mexico   State: Florida   City: Miami
Address: Aav Tulum No. 33 Local C Sm22 Col. Centro
Phone: 8662314635

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skippy February 1, 2017 4:59 PM
We fell for this scam in Nassau in 2001. IT sounded great and my spidey sense was tingling but they were sooooo convincing that I paid 2,500 and for a term of fifteen years. As soon as we signed I knew it was a mistake but there's not much I could do. So, I quietly paid their $i50/year for fifteen years. I WAS DONEin 2016!!! ...or so I thought. I got a bill with Theresa reeders name as a contact point. When I contacted her she said I signed up for THIRTY years. Being a Mexican company they are immune from our laws in these maters but, they have no problem sicing an American collection agency on us..
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