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Paul Alan Levy Scammer
Peeping Tom and Cheater

Outing the bad people of the internet here at Bad Review Site. Paul Alan Levy is a notorious scammer and peeping Tom. He's been reported for having an STD and being a pedophile. We should not let horrible people like this who endanger our children and grandchildren to walk free. Poor Karen ...

Complaint-review: Praveen Purena - Scamming Crooked Crook

Praveen Purena
Scamming Crooked Crook

Praveen Purena is a crooked crook. I gave this individual some money because he said he needed my help. The amount he told me was supposed to help him out of a very tight situation. Feeling a sense of compassion for Praveen I decided to do so hoping he would repay back what was given to him. Little ...

Lezley Zen
Blacklisted Evil Racist Adult Actress

Lezley Zen who is a female adult entertainer, adult actress or female adult performer and whose name also is Tanya Cannon and who happens to come from Charleston, South Carolina is a despicable skin color racist who has practiced her racism and bigotry against African-American males in particular. ...