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Walmart cashier
Horrible crazy walmart cashier ajean

This is the Walmart supercenter in deep lake rd Oviedo fl.

We live In a crazy screwed up world full of sociopathic creatures everywhere. Walmart workers seem to be the worst along with the devil fast food worker creatures out there. Black woman nlggers are also the worst too. These gorillas seem to be programmed to abuse other. I went to the large walmart in winter springs on tuskawilla rd and Aloma in Orlando fl. I went to check out my items and dealt with a demonic cashier named AJEAN. AJEAN WAS a crazy worthless devil who wanted to make me suffer and have a power trip over me rather than let me check out in peace.

First crazy AJEAN came to my cart to scan my printer rather than greet me she never even gave me a chance to load my items onto the belt. She purposely just wanted to take complete control of my check out experience like literally a mentally Ill demonic *** and put me through ***. Most customers are given a chance to put their items on the conveyor belt but ajean the useless crazy nlgger devil wanted to come and just take over it all. She did this immediately after the other customers left. This weird psycho just rushed to my cart like a crazy person and began grabbing my printer and rudely scanning it non stop like a nutcase. She then put it on the belt and continued scanning it again like a worthless crazy thing. The way she did it was VERY INVASIVE INTRUSIVE. she wanted to do everything to not let me peacefully load my items. She wanted to come and act like a mad psycho and invade my space myself immediately. There is something wrong with many nlgger females that work at Walmart. Most are all evil or crazy. This goes for white women *** too but the nlggers are the worst. I wanted to punch the living shlt out of crazy evil ugly AJEAN. Ajean was an ugly black female thing with an ugly looking Afro. She obviously has mental issues is insecure and totally crazy evil pathetic and useless.

It's not as if she was trying to be helpful it was so obvious she was extremely intrusive and invasive and really crazy and rude I have never seen a cashier act the way she did literally just coming to my cart intrusively and continuously scanning in item not letting it go.

I was starting to get very irritated and I told this ugly worthless nlgger thing to let me load my items on top of the thing then nasty crazy ajean began to get an attitude with me and she began really aggressively shoving items in the bag like a psychopath. Projecting tons of negative energy. Her insane attitude was more like she was first abusive to me and when I showed disdain this insane ugly nlgger demon thing went berserk and began getting angry too. Then demonic ajean loaded the items onto my cart. I'm a very attractive female and I'm used to crazy people doing crazy things like this to me. This is nothing *** new but psychotic ajeans crazy behavior was a new low. I was furious and I hope this devil thing gets beaten because I wanted to punch the living shlt out of her

U can only imagine the passive aggressive hate within this worthless sack of hideous filth creature ajean. I call this psycho a demon because that is exactly how this crazy freak acted. Her behavior was just crazy out there and she acted like a demon or some reslly evil disturbed creature. I've been a cashier before and have worked in customer service positions all my life. Never have I abused any human for any reason period. Yet there are so many twisted crazy freaks out there like this devil ajean who literally think they have a right to terrorize customers and other people.

Imagine ur standing in line waiting to be checked out. People in front of you leave. Suddenly the cashier just leaves too abruptly. She sneaks by you. In your head ur thinking. Where is she going? She' goes straight to your cart which is behind you and begins aggressively SCANNING one item like a lunatic. You haven't even had a chance to place your items on the checkout area yet. She just sneaks to your cart to scan something behind you without you even knowing. Huh. Next thing u know this dumb nlgger has taken over scanning ur one item like 20 times over and over again. Wtf?? Then she takes it and puts it on the conveyor area and keeps scanning it while standing in YOUR AREA. Again wtf. And keeps scanning it not letting u out ur items on top and invading your space and check out experience. It's not the end of the world but it is abusive intrusive and crazy as hell. Very invasive and it's about some ugly insecure dumb worthless bltch who wanted to take control and make my meager check out experience hell. Someone this arrogant and pitiful and crazy shouldn't be working around people. This crazy ugly nlgger turned a simple checkout experience into a nightmare then began projecting negative energy at me rudely shoving items into bags angrily when I told her I wanted to place my items on the checkout area. This is how deranged sub humans treat kind pretty women or even human beings?? It's shocking. Ajean feels her position as cashier is to invade customers spaces act like a psycho and ruin a checkout experience and do it just for control or power. U ugly thing u have no power or control. You're a dumb worthless cashier. Go lick fecal matter somewhere it's all ur good for.

U crazy nlgger women need serious help especially. Not all but many black women are totally psycho. Again not all but ajean makes all black women look bad and this freak weirdo is an insult to any race.

Esp crazy AJEAN. I hope Walmart gets rid of this ugly worthless hideous piece of shlt filth because this pile of *** filth isn't even good enough for crappy walmart. Worthless out of control demon ajean

For the idiots who might say or think I'm using a lot of nasty language. I'm pissed. I got abused And power tripped by a worthless cock suking hideous low life who felt she could invasively do this to me just because she's a screwed up moron. Yes I'm angry and using those words to describe the way this demon thing acted. No customer should ever get treated this way just for trying to check out. Ajean is crazy and evil and should not be working around people. This troll has no manners self control and is evil and crazy. Ugly psycho ajean voiding control her crazy behavior around me and why the hell do I as a customer have to be forced to be subjected to this worthless nutjobs power trip. Worse now people behind in line were all watching the nasty drama happening and an old woman pushed her cart almost into me just to also invade my space because this loser watched what was happening and everyone in today's society are predators even old people. If they see someone getting bullied they copy the bully. I asked the woman to move her cart back and she laughed as if oh yeah of course (ur already upset at this woman). Most screwed up immoral humans today if they see someone being bullied or in a vulnerable position they take advantage of it. Such sick people in this world today. No morals. Even a stupid old woman tried to take advantage of the situation going on. Sad people today. Messed up idiots

Ajean should be smacked and Walmart needs to have self checkouts so we customers are not forced to endure the rude ugly crazy like clockwork garbage this company hires for employees. Cashiers at Walmart esp the women are always rude nasty crappy people why is that. I've only met like two nice cashiers the rest are jerks. Why does Walmart hire the gutter trash of society and why are the worthless females there the worst esp the black things like ajean the dumbass.
Author: Jenniferjones234

Offender: Walmart cashier

Country: USA

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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