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This site advertised as a free gay dating site. To gain access to the profiles you had to submit a profile. I uploaded a profile with a picture and went to gain access to the site. At that time, I learned that you HAD to PAY a subscription fee to view other profiles. I then tried to delete my profile from the site. It was impossible, you have to PAY the subscription fee to change or delete your profile. I emailed the owner of the site and asked him to immediately remove my profile from the site. In return I received a nasty email calling me names and implying that I was a liar. All I wanted was for my profile to be deleted.

The owner of the site sent me this: "You expect the internet to be some giant charity for scumbags looking for free porn." Well, actually NO, I wasn't looking for porn, I thought the site was what it purported to be, a dating site for gay men.

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Offender: IronClad Media -

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Belmar
Address: GayRoughNecks. com
Phone: 7326826350

Category: Shops, Products, Services

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hijinxross August 3, 2017 5:49 PM
I did some research into the hosting company Next Decade Solutions at 423 Helen Terrace in Neptune NJ 07753. The president appears to be or have been Gary Neiderhelman, another contact I have found is Christian Troy, and my contact was with someone named Dan Comelo. The numbers I have found associated with them are 732-682-6350 and 732-749-2781. Emails are,, and Here is the message I sent to them:
"I would not have even questioned this unsolicited mail I have received, letting it filter into my junk mail but I noticed something… this email address is not the only one to which I am receiving notifications. I understand it is possible to have one email address associated with a website a person may or may not have subscribed but two is unlikely. Once I accessed the site with my “forgotten” password, I can see that it was just generated information in the profile under this account and not anything even remotely close to anything I would have entered into the profile had I actually created the account. t is obvious the mailing list is purchased and email is sent specifically to coerce money from people to pay for access if only to deactivate the account. There are more than a dozen scam and “rip off” sites to which and other sites are repeatedly reported. I see this is not the only website for which there is a similar issue to mine, as I am doing some research, they are all linked to the New Decade Solutions with an address for a little house in New Jersey. Is this the business one might visit in person with a complaint? As for your assertion I am a “freeloading scumbag” or “shithead” (are these industry terms?), I am more than willing to pay for websites I use, of which there are several I have reoccurring payments for work and pleasure, these are sites I sought out and subscribed to. I would be happy to pay for a subscription to your website so I can relay this information to other subscribers, if there are any who are real, it would be worth the one-time $20 fee. Maybe some of us who are in driving distance could come by for a meeting to better the relations between the web site management and subscribers. I am personally not afraid of sitting down and having an in-person conversation with yourself, Christian, Gary or whomever else associated is available. If this is a business operated out of this home, perhaps we can include the neighbors if they are around like Mr. Lloyd or Sharity Delaura if they are still living there to let them know your business interests and what sort of websites you create. You let me know so we can move forward amicably to resolve this issue."
Yes, I looked up the location and the neighbors to the address. I thought about a bulk mailing to the the neighborhood with some censored photos from the websites to show the neighbors what is happening but I do not have the energy. I will just flag their emails to just be deleted.
Please share and add to this information to inform more people of the type of people we are dealing with.
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