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Rebecca Villard
Shop till you drop

I had made a purchase with her back in May. Weeks went by and I had yet to receive the item. I asked her for a refund and she said she would send it on a certain date. The refund day arrived and I got nothing. I contacted her again and she said she would use another way; google wallet. I agreed. I ...

Muslimot Olowo

Customer ordered a lighting product from us and claims FedEx didn't deliver it after a sad story of staying home all day waiting for it. Then she puts in a claim in PayPal to get a refund. Never asks for a replacement or communicates with the company. ...

Complaint-review: Tatiana Estevez - Scamming Crook: Wicked Person

Tatiana Estevez
Scamming Crook: Wicked Person

Tatiana Estevez is a Scammer, Crook, Thief, Liar, and a Corrupt and Crooked individual. She lives in London, England, United Kingdom. She works as a Freelance Creative Artworker / Graphics Specialist / DTP Specialist / Proposal Writer. I lent Tatiana Estevez some funds because I was told by her ...