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Kyani Australia
Kyani Infiltrated by Organised Crime

Kyani Australia has been infiltrated by Organised Crime Figures in South Australia.
Check the net there is plenty of information about them - though Kyani is trying to hide it.
Kyani has known for six months that people high up in Kyani in Adelaide have been directly involved in serious scams now before the courts or have worked directly for the scammers.
The scum will threaten legal action to have sites taken down - all we can say is bring it on - you are going to look like a complete criminal when you get to court and there are people waiting with summonses for your previous scams.
Kyani is proud to be associated with the Irish boys Crime Syndicate - they know how to sell a SCAM
Author: John Williams

Offender: Kyani Australia

Country: USA

Category: Scam, Fake

1 comment

William Dreyfus March 29, 2016 3:34 AM
This CRIMINAL stole money from me for solar panels.
He is a thief and a liar - do not deal with him.
Little pommie tosser who thinks it is ok to steal and rob and defraud people - he is a real low life piece of dirt.
Your day is coming LEE LAKE and you will be held to account you thief.
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