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Allan Lovinger

You want the worst go with Allan Lovinger, he is terrible and has no good qualities, total ripoff. His job is to screw you over and serve his master Bradford Roberts. The rest of the associates at TR Realty are either unaware or involved. ...

James Bradley
Professional Conman

James Bardley has run scams for over a decade. He openly lies about his successful business career when all he has achieved is stealing innocent peoples money to feed his lavish lifestyle. James Bradley lies about everything. He is a member of the Irish Boys Crime Syndicate currently before the ...

Complaint-review: Dan Montano - Dan Montano ripped me off

Dan Montano
Dan Montano ripped me off

I notice the amount of complaints now surfacing about Dan Montano, Ryan Mcfarland and James Bradley in regard to fraudulent sales tactics. I fell for the lies of these guys and it cost me a great amount of money. Once they have your money they have no interest in talking to you. Ask them where all ...

Complaint-review: Ryan McFarland - Real Estate Scam

Ryan McFarland
Real Estate Scam

Ryan Mcfarland was a director of US Invest which he ran with professional con man and career criminal James Bradley. Ryan McFarland is very well aware of what James Bradley is but still started his new company with Bradley. Bradley has been exposed so he now just puts up the money and his patsies ...