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DMV Rip-offs Making me pay twice!

I got a letter from my temp agency stating that the Franchise tax board collection agency was notified by the DMV that I never paid $395 a few years ago, I paid in person! now they are going to garnish my wages up to 25 % until the bill is paid. What a freaking rip-off the DMV is just because the ...

Grant treasury

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Good Morning, Grant Treasury withdrew $148.95 from my account without my authorization. I have never even heard of your company and I did not subscribe to any of your services, nor have I had any contact with any of its personnel prior to this morning, when I put a call in ...

IN Dept of Revenue

The IN dept of Revenue is unaccesable for questions or answers regarding delinquent taxes. Thier NCO financial systems 1-800-824-9392 is also unaccessable. It is impossible to get through on the phone. I needed the exact amount owed to pay on the automated service, but did not know it. The phone ...