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Idaho Falls, ID
Bad Place To Live

I buy internet, t.v., and phone from Cable One here in Idaho Falls, ID. Three addresses and several different network devices and they REFUSE to provide the 'service' I pay for or do their jobs.

My utilities come from the city of Idaho Falls. For the first time in my life I had to boil water for three days due to the lack of them doing their jobs.

Rentmasters in Idaho Falls, ID are my land lords. They fix nothing, say one thing and enforce another, and are total jerks to ever try to deal with. The chimney of my house is about to kill us all, and they refuse to do their jobs.

One of my jobs here in Idaho Falls, ID just installed a brand new Point Of Sale system that constantly double charges and causes errors to credit cards. This is due to someone not doing their job.

One of my other jobs in Idaho Falls, ID had broken down equipment for a week making my already physical job 3-5x harder because somebody didn't do their job.

My WIfe never gets out of her job on time because her managers will not do their jobs. This makes things very difficult as we have three work schedules and one car. Her other employment experiences have been the worst of her life due to other bad managers that refused to do their jobs. This includes a district manager when my Wife was a retail store manager trying to change the culture just within her shop.

I got a degree from Stevens Henager College here in Idaho Falls, ID. There is no follow through on their part for all the supposed job placement assistance. This is because no one will do their job at the Idaho Falls, ID campus.

This really is incidental anyway, because any degree in Idaho Falls, ID is worth toilet paper, and no one outside the nuclear power plant rarely gets over $12.00 an hour anyway. This is justified due to Idaho Falls, ID supposed low cost of living (which is a result of 7.25 per hour- 12.00 per hour, food stamps, and the LDS church...) in short the cost of living is a LIE, this place is an economic trap that is soooo easy to move into and near impossible to get out of, and there is no separation between the cost of living for Mormons and non Mormons as there should be in the reports.

The Mayor of Idaho Falls, ID was just recently diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease that causes him to forget details. He has not been replaced because no one will do their job. He, of course, is very confident he can maintain his position, and based on the culture of poor management in Idaho Falls, ID...I agree he probably can. Here is the link to that little gem of a story...


Please feel free to copy and paste this link into your browser to verify my claim.

Regarding the news, they don't report on how the biker gang, Brother Speed won it's harassment case against the Idaho Falls Police Department or how Mr. Vandersloot (yes Romney's big donor) is thieving land from other private citizens and using the government to do it. No, their too busy reporting on things that do not matter like public schools. My Wife and I have chosen not to breed until we can afford children, and are sick and tired of our lifestyles being restricted by other peoples children and/or constantly hearing about them just to stay informed by watching the local news.

As for concerts it is generally 80's hair bands that come to town. There have been three shows in three years I would have gone too. One got cancelled by a middle school principal. I can't believe in my 30's I am controlled to this day by a middle school principal. This makes no sense and violates Amendment 1 in more ways than I can count. I couldn't stand 80's hair bands in the 80's...I was into punk. These girls and their fans can jump off a cliff. I honestly don't care if they live or die.

Along with this poor management culture here in Idaho Falls, ID is a culture of religion. This particular religion is under the impression that hard work on earth will be rewarded in one of their stages of heaven. Based on this it is easy to see why those in charge that are of this persuasion (mostly LDS in charge in Idaho Falls, ID) see no reason to compensate anyone PROPERLY for hard, skilled, or professional work. Management of this persuasion will screw up CONSTANTLY but never worry because some hard worker under them will just work harder to cover for them. This is staggering. I have lived in 14 states and two countries. The only place worse to live was Provo, UT due to the direct discrimination from the LDS, weak beer, and the worst driving I have ever seen.

In short NOTHING works like it is supposed to due to the poor management culture of this town Idaho Falls, ID. All the numbers regarding income/cost of living are a LIE. The citizens are all jerks that will use every legal means to make your life hard. Employment will always be spars and you will always be under employed. Most people in Idaho Falls, ID are on food stamps. The rest are part of the socialism the LDS church offers. I will take neither.

Before you ask the obvious question, "Why don't you leave? ", let me just say that at best case scenario, my Wife and I can and will in 2 years. I have passed all the management testing with the global company I work for (so no worries about it being an Idaho Falls, ID management test) and I have my degree. I can pretty much go anywhere with those two items I just need to be able to save up and get out.

For anyone considering Idaho Falls, ID STAY AWAY. IT'S A TRAP! Look at a map of the US. Find Seattle, then see Reno, then Vegas, Then find Denver, CO, then Minneapolis, MN. You'll find you have drawn a horse shoe. STAY OUT OF THE HORSE SHOE!
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