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Child pornography

MGID is an umbrella company that uses many different domain names, two of which are already banned by Google: http://www.fem.mgid.com http://www.blog.mgid.com But their other domain names are still registered as 'safe', e.g. http://www.mgid.com http://www.mgid.net They are a Russian and ...

Violation of Rights and Child Abuse

I went into walkmart to purchase a new pay as you go phone from Eletronics Dept. I had my three year old son with me who was cranky. I picked up a bottle of liquid nails after purchasing the phone from electronics. I had a few other items to get such as cigarettes and some food items. However ...

Stalker taking pictures

Just wanted to put out there to those who shop at the Walmart in Pearl City, HI there is a guy that is somewhere in his 40's who is walking around taking pictures of kids. My daughter realized he was taking pictures pf her and her younger sister. We followed him till I was sure that was what he was ...

Lies, deceit

1 or 2 girls multiple accounts, they are all from ghana, living with thier mother, and the dad has passed on, , i was on for 5 days, and finally the girl asks for financial aid, , i paid for only 30 days, so hopefully they won't try to rob me anymore, plus after 300 or so women viewing my profile, ...