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El mal llamado "Buen Samaritano", no es más que un Farsante..Busca unicamente sacarle su dinero, con Engaños No lo contacte, a no ser que quiera, que le traten de vaciar su bolsillo, y/o cuenta bancaria. No lo Recomiendo, en lo más mínimo absoluto. Es un Tramposo, ademas de Estafador. FRAUDE ...

Sarah Megan Flauta
Identity Theft

This whore named Sarah Flauta aka Sarah Grodsky steals personal information and uses it to steal thousands and thousands of dollars that she hides from the government. She spends the money on drugs and alcohol. She also is a prostitute, but she lies to people so that she can steal from them. ...

Gillece Plumbing
Gillece Plumbing screws everyone

Tom Gillece has been screwing people, as well as his parrot for several years now. Maybe it's time for him to start being an honest businessman instead of fraudulantly charging people and insurance companies. Gillece plumbing only employs top of line LIARS, THIEVES, AND SCAM ARTISTS! Do not ever ...