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Bank fraud and identity theft

Directv fraudulently debited my account without my knowledge or permission also committed bank fraud by calling my bank automated service and giving my last four of my social security number to find out how much they can steal in my account. They claimed I owed $330. Only had $254.88 In my account ...


I called on the 7th day to cancel my membership and was charged the $29.99 on the same day. According the billing department my cancellation was denied because i called on the 7th day! which is BULL SHIIIIIIIT since they give you until the 7th day to cancel. they are a bunch of morons! this website ...

Engine module

Send engine module in repair, number one injector not working, they said can rebuilt it, got it back. number four and number six injectors not working, call them a guy name chris, told me must be in a board they can not test, but sell me one has be tested, if you can not test my how are going to ...