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Quality Beauty Supply
Family of Decietful, Dishonest, Scam Not So quality supply they claim to be

I've been in business quite some time but this has been my worse mistake ever to trust someone. I have been ripped off by a company I met at the trade show in Vegas around $30, 000. I worked all my life to support my family and now my family is falling apart over this issue that isn't going anywhere.

So I am trying to reach out and find if I can get any justice, here is my story...

In June I attended IBS trade show in Vegas and met a company vendor called Quality Beauty Supply, David was the vendor at the booth, at the time we were shopping for a salon equipment since this being my new business and all everyone was excited and didn't know much about how to approach this kind of purchase but David was very informative, and also offering us deals that we couldn't resist. He gave us discounts after discounts and other than the 5 $4000 chairs we will be getting at a deal, we were suppose to get samples of this other supplies for a salon, he kept showing us other purchases he made that day and telling us that we must book this deal fast or he will be giving them away to another customer who were ahead of us. As soon as we came home we were excited to purchase these products so we called him right away, being afraid someone else can get the incredible deal we were getting as David mentioned. He also informed us that we are not to mention to the manufacturer of the supply that he will be giving his supplies to us at that price. His offer was too good for us to let go. He kept pushing us that the payment must be made NOW or we wont be getting the deal he agreed upon, so I sent the money wired right away.

As soon as they received my money I couldn't get in touch with David at all, Ive left numerous messages asking for the samples that he promised before my purchases arrive but he never got back. I was getting paranoid so I contacted the company and was informed he was out sick, after couple of days I called again but he wasn't any where to be reached and the company kept telling us he wasn't in the office. When I finally got in touch with him he told me that I will be getting my merchandise close to my opening date, so I waited till a week before my grand opening.

But then I couldn't reach David again for information about other things when we called the company again they informed us that David is out of country and that he wont be able to be reached, but for someone whose doing business I would thing logically that if you are going out for a long period of time you leave someone else in charge of accounts of customers in case something happens, but he didn't and we had to find out after few more weeks of waiting and silence and agony. When we asked for someone else they kept saying since we purchased the equipment with David, he is the only one who can help but when we told them about the urgency they finally gave us another person to talk to, and after few more days of round around we finally got our products. We were called by the security that the machines where left outside of our unfinished lot at our salon middle of the night, so we went out to our salon in excitement other than anger. My employees and I all went out there in the middle of the night to just to see the nice new finish to our salon that we have been waiting for.

When we got to the lot we found there a merchandise that looked like its been through a storm and damaged and defective. We were so shocked by this we called them right away. We took all the pictures and sent them with a letter to the company, but to get ignored once again. We had to call and email numerous times till David was reachable. The company made us wait till 2pm since that's when he in at the office. Everyday I would put everything to the side and sit to call him and reach this unreachable person. He told us that he will replace the orders in no time before our opening and made me feel little more calm. Other than upset I was more nervous that I was being swindled by them. But I trusted what he had to say so I went along since I didn't have many days left to open.

After waiting day after day I had to contact David again because again I was getting a silence treatment, and again he was unable to be reached I found out that the company is a family owned business so I got to talk to one of the owners or someone related to him and they informed me that the new merchandise will arrive soon so we sat at our unfinished salon day and night waiting and waiting for a week and to find nothing has came to us. Until this day they gave us around a round and refuses to give us our money back so we can get new chairs that work somewhere else so we can open our salon and that our employees have jobs to support their family. They deny the fact they owe us any replacement. Here I have all the evidence of letters Ive sent to them and phone bill of calls I made regarding information and pictures of all the products that was useless. Ive lost my motivation and stressed and exhausted from chasing this company down. I am a small business owner and he is a bigger company but there is no way that this can happen to anyone, mistakes should be fixed and I gave them all my patience. I am contacting the everyone out there so no one else in this field would ever go through this company.

I have contacted federal trades, BBB, all the salon industry, trade shows and government offices, I am running out of money and time just to get the return of my money that they owe me back, that's all I want for the return useless junk of goods that they have sent me. Please I ask I am trying to survive through this hard time like anyone else and trying to help others in need of jobs, Is there any justification to this kind of consumer rip off....I will do all I can so NO ONE else would go through something like this ever.

P.S. I have contacted European Touch and they offer no resolution to this since the chairs were purchased from Quality Beauty Supply.
When My lawyer and I sent our last letter to them regarding this he changed his stories and Deny all the facts. I hold all the evidence and records of our contract and receipts to back up any denial from them.
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Quality Beauty Supply

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Des Plaines
Address: 281 S. River Rd

Category: Miscellaneous


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