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Kat Stacks promotes herself as the Author of Becoming Kat Stacks. She did Not write this book, she plagiarized it when the book project was scrapped over her lies. Her entire persona and 'story' are greatly exaggerated and police reports prove she was more of a volunteer than a victim. #Don't be ...

SBS ABE loadsofbooks
Bookseller Scam

This person ordered a book from me - I sent the book, paid for tracking and know the book arrived. He claims he didn't and claimed a refund from Abe books who always favour the buyer and refunded his money. I lost almost $100.00. I know he has done this to many other legitimate Book sellers and has ...

Barnes and Noble
Customer Service

My family had taken a trip from Michigan to Florida and my daughter had asked to stop at several Barnes and Noble stores. We picked up four books and where jumping on the high way to head home when she noticed that one of the books had three chapters that where half way cut off. Of course that was ...