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Complaint / review / scam report
3ButtonsN2Bows / Pottery Barn kids trademark infringement products on Ebay and other websites
Trademark infringement/counterfeit items on the we

Patricia Gillespie have been marketing handcrafted junks utilizing the images of Art Barn Children, Olive Child, John Lennon, along with other completely new proudcts. On feb 2007, Ebay created legal like Louise signal an arrangement to not market trademarkk violation items, however for some cause Louise was actually in a position to market with increased than one ebay records. Both records she used-to market her poorly-made brand infringemnt products are recognized to Ebay as sibling's shop. I suppose Ebay maintain permitting thieves like Heather Gillespie to carry on. Why? Louise is just a platinum person in Ebay which imply she makes between 10K and 25K monthly. Ebay don't wish to reduce this sort of income from Ms. Heather Gillespie AKa Louise Kemmelmeier AKA 3buttonsN2hbows.

not just is Louise an excellent evil and dishonest beast, she's likewise the largest lair, crook, and spouse of the 20th and 21th century. None of the art itmes she mades is her orignal concept. She took it from more than 20 former ebay sellers. She's shameless and declaring many products are her unique. Just how can a mother state to take care of her 5 kids invest so enough time creating away-day and nite???? She cares more about cash than her children. She lies with a of her clients she's single-mother and on survival to achieve their compassion when she can't ship products on occasion. In 2005 she employed chosen ilegals to assist her wih her ilegal company. She offers a large number of crap per month and cares nothing about her kids. Today this produce Louise a lair, spouse, thief, and an employer of ilegals. The checklist may developing. Take a look at all her unhappy clients. Ebay had served her to get rid of countless bad comments cuz they do not wish to wish to reduce the large costs that Heather settled them. I'm terrible about htose that missing countless bucks from the fingers of the tremendous evil double-faced lady. Should you create her a check, she may simply grab your cash, therefore better undergo Paypal if you like some of her poorly-made junks. Some are actually created her her kids. Today this mean Heather isn't merely a theif, lair, spouse, company of ilegals, but additionally utilizing child-labor (this really is ilegal). Can anybody satisfy anyone who have each one of these excellent and fantastic excellent as Ms. Heather Gillespie Kemmelmeier. And yes, this many absurd lady is committed to her companion in offense called Markus Kemmelmeier ph.D. of University Of Nevada at Reno. He does all of the delivery of her Brand Violation junks to her clients. After understanding this, I'd never permit my kids to become register into some of assoicate teacher Markus Kemmelmeier's courses. I actually donot need my kids to become trained by this person who have no idea from incorrect.

Well, I ought to congraduate Ms. Heather Gillespie on her authorized marriage with Markus Kemmelmeier in may of 2005 or was it 2006, following the two created a boy along with a group of double child while Heather was nevertheless officially committed to her former spouse.

I guess the Art Barn Kids stockholders and Pottery Barn children professionals truly enjoy folks like Ms. Heather Gillespie and Markus Kemmelmeier to make thousands and thousands of bucks utilizing their brand. I understand Ebay love her. Ebay permitted her to market brand Violation items since December 2003 to provide.
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Offender: 3ButtonsN2Bows / Pottery Barn kids trademark infringement products on Ebay and other websites

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Reno
Site: ebay.com

Category: Internet & Web


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