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"Nikko" Mike Reichmann aka Killjoy aka Killroy aka The-Husketeers-Rescue
Another Fake Animal Rescue in KS and threats to anyone that calls him on it

Mike Reichmann aka The-Husketeers-Rescue is a psychotic fool and pedophile who trolls the internet for free animals and enjoys calling and threatening women and children who answer the phone. He called my friends 12 yr old daughter and was sexually explicit on the phone to her. She was so upset and I am not going to allow this pedophile to go unnoticed. He has a daughter and is pretty open on facebook that he likes his 'alone time' with her at night.

He is a very small man with tiny aspirations. But taking peoples hard earned money seems just fine to him. He claims to be a federal agent, a combat fighter, a cop, a lawyer, a warrior with guns, the President of the USA's poker buddy and the owner of this fake dog rescue. He is full of BS and tries to make everybody think he is a big tough man when in reality, he's all mouth with no action unless it comes to seaming people out of free animals and apparently, their children.

Don't take our word for it, ask yourself and see what happens!

Show [anyone] the public 501c records from the IRS!
What is your rescues address?
Demand to see their 501c's tax records and they must comply to the public according to the IRS You know, ask the normal questions and then watch what happens.

Rescue members - So called rescue phone numbers in the photo they posted:
Nikko aka Mike Reichmann
Mignonette Landingin Gonzales
Kayla Marie Sanchez
Kelli Pennington
They will assault you publicly on their page if you ask these simple questions. They will say "We have nothing to hide! Come and Visit! " When you take them up on their offer, they will trash you and then block you from their page and delete all your posts. Just watch for the comments to my post.
Author: Pete234652

Offender: "Nikko" Mike Reichmann aka Killjoy aka Killroy aka The-Husketeers-Rescue

Country: USA   State: Kansas   County: Sedgwick County   City: Wichita and Kansas City   Zip: 66225
Address: Overland Park
Phone: 9135942178, 3162101069, 3166501781, 3168710016
Site: https://facebook.com/public/nikko-reichmann, https://facebook.com/pages/the-husketeers-rescue/893568414036831? fref=ts

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KillRoy July 20, 2015 11:51 PM
Miss Vicky Deming I know this is you truing to discredit my name.
I have called the police on this and will be pressing even more charges on you now.
You know all of this is a lie and you will be going to jail now for a long time.
KillRoy July 21, 2015 1:46 PM
First let me set the record right.
Miss Vicky Deming has charges being placed on her for threatening to have me shot.
Murder for hire.
She also harassed a local sheriff deputy that was trying to talk to her about this, she then posted the deputy's cell phone number all over facebook .
Miss Deming has also posted on her page how she knocked out a roster she was fostering.
Miss Deming has also called her local sheriff department trying to get another person in trouble which she told the sheriff he was outside her home trying to steal her animals. Problem was the sheriff was sitting outside the persons house when she called and this person was home.
Miss Deming has some mental problems and needs some real help.
So if any of you would like the real story call the Chenango County Sheriff New York.
They can tell you all about her.
Or call the Johnson county Kansas sheriff ask for deputy Little, he can tell you all about her also

Hey Vicky Deming, figured I would tell you Nikko Reichmann aka kilroy and Mike Reichmann are a malamute, not a person lol, Yea thats right a malamute stupid.
Full name Nikko Mar Lynn Reichmann Check out AKC you will find him there lol.
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