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Shorting pill on prescription

I have a prescription for Adderall XR for 60 pills each prescription (30 day supply). Over the past 3-4 months I have found that near the end of the 30 days I seem to be short several days pills and have to take one a day instead of 2 a day. Since the prescription is for AADD in the beginning I ...

Accredo pharmany
Accredo pharmany

I'm having the same trouble that that someone else wrote in. Accredo has a problem with there billing dept. I have copay assist, and instead of billing Humira protection plan like they are suppose to, they bill me. Month after month I call to straighten this out and I still get billed. Now they ...

Refresh Dental
Lied to, and improper cap

Very poor...I went in to get a crown in which a temporary cap was put on first and was to come in later for the crown. The first temp the tried to put on was brown and lied to me saying that was the lightest color they had. I was upset went to the bathroom and came back and magically they were able ...