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Not Effective

I started using Maxman just to increase my penis size, as I heard a lot of buzz that this product helps to increase length and girth. But soon I realize these are all just gimmick. The one product that I even have used that truly has worked all the time, anytime is Sikander-e-azam plus capsules. ...

Doc on Call
Scam/ Fraud

During the trial period I called the company and spoke to several different sales reps telling them to cancel my account that it the purpose at the original sales person lied to me about what the doctors were able to prescribe what medications they were able to prescribe however the company ...

Hidden abuse and isolation

I have a family member who works at the nami tennessee state office. The abused me through my childhood and are now abusing another child. not only will no one listen to me and I sent an email to almost everyone on the board of directors for Nami Tennessee. but the abusive person will not allow me ...