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Campbell Soup
Insects in products

I purchased a can of Campbell's Chunky brand Chicken & Corn Chowder on 12/4/06. Actualy, I had purchsed 6 cans of their soup in 3 varieties. Opened the can and microwaved it and split it with my daughter. While my daughter was eating the soup she spotted something on her spoon. She wasked me what ...

Domino's Pizza
Poor service

I went to 7091 Indian Head Hwy Bryans Road, MD 206163234 Phone: 301-375-6006 Store number: 6085 to purchase about $30 worth of pizza. It was about 40 degrees, raining and about 4:00 PM. I arrived and my pizza's were done. I handed them my credit card and because they had a food order pending in ...