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Harassed by rude crazy obnoxious mcdonalds psychopaths

I have to call these people demons because honestly they were not human they were just these soulless bullies who were at McDonald's just wanting to terrorize customers

I went to the McDonald's at 10026 Curry Ford Rd. in Orlando Florida 32829


I've been to this mcdonalds
at least 50 times in my life. the service is pretty OK it's not bad or good but it's decent
This time however what I experienced was something out of a bad movie and I really thought like is this even really happening. I went to place one simple drink order and the fat ugly female at the window kept asking me to repeat myself
When I got to the window again she asked me to repeat myself and I did and I handed her my credit card. Once again Orlando Florida and especially McDonalds is full of angry mean nasty low class people.

McDonald's isn't always that bad as usually I don't have bad experiences there and the employees are generally pretty nice. This time though it seems that I encountered a bunch of lunatics. Because I'm a pretty woman basically these ugly crazy psychotic women decided to gang bully me pick on me harass me and then the manager did as well. When she took my credit card the ugly fat Hispanic female asked me if I need anything else.

This thing was your typical ugly fat creature in Orlando these freak ugly women have no souls they're ugly people jealous angry miserable psychotic and They like to pick on pretty women and abuse them. Since I'm a pretty woman maybe in another city I won't get picked on but in Orlando these ugly fat retarded Hispanic creatures will generally pick on you or abuse you no reason.

I don't know if these things are human or just like these ugly fat wenches because they all look the same and they act the same and they're all nasty and angry and miserable and have mental issues. I Ignored the fat creature when she asked me that question because she's Already degraded me by asking me to repeat myself 10 times now for one simple order. Then equally ugly nasty miserable jealous psychotic coworker behind her made a rude comment stating a smile goes a long way indirectly implying for me to smile.

No you ugly fat rude miserable whore from hell why would I smile at your sorry ugly bullying jerk ass selves after you've force me to repeat myself 10 times for order you miserable psychotic cunts. Really what I wanted to do was take my fist and meet it with their face. When the fat ugly miserable Hispanic nasty creature handed me back my credit card she angrily shoved at me and made a nasty face at me.

I was furious at that point and called her a bltch as I was driving off. I was so angry and ready to talk to a manager. What I got was definitely not what I expected. What I encountered was an angry nasty equally mentally ill an psychotic miserable woman who claimed to be the manager who begin harassing me claiming that her employee said I called her a bitch and stating that she was standing there watching. This was a total lie on every level as those two nasty fat jealous things were bullying me and as a response to the bullying I called her a name.

Rather then this crazy woman try to stop her crazy abusive employees she starts insulting me and calling me names. My goal is to try to get this crazy manager fired because she should not even be working at the store she has she is evil and a nasty horrible person. Basically beware of this mcdonalds and don't go here because right now there are some psycho people working there who will bully harass and abuse employees and women if they want and their crazy psychotic manager will assist them in doing this. You have these miserable crazy people working there who will harass and one domination and power over innocent women who are just trying to get food or drinks

Beware of this McDonals and if you want to ever encounter this nasty woman manager she's in her 50s with blondish hair I hope somebody punches her ugly self in the face. Worthless mcdonalds employees harassing and terrorizing innocent customers beware
Author: Melissa99226

Offender: Mcdonalds

Country: USA

Category: Foodstuff


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