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Kaplan University

I also went to Kaplin University. At first I loved it I was a straight A student and did great in my classes. The financial aid people told me everything was covered. When I enrolled for another semester they said I owed $1860 for the semester I just completed. I asked how and for an itemized bill. ...

Ashford University
Financial aide

I have been sending all information requested of me and each time everything is fine until it is time to send out what is due me, then we start all over again with the same papers, this makes me believe that they are getting paid to put as many people in debt as possible.and somewhere along the way ...

The Janitorial Agency

There’s going to be a time when you’re not making that much money. I understand that. I’ll have to work myself up just like everybody else. A lot of people want money, but not everybody is willing to put the effort in or aren’t disciplined enough to stick with it. Character is key. That’s why I’m ...