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University of Phoenix

I have attended the university of phoenix for almost 3 years now. I recently withdrew from the university because of the lack of quality for my program and I could never get a response from either my financial advisor or my academic advisor. I am now receiving threatening phone calls and I am being ...

Academy Di Capelli
School / instructors

Been going for over a year now, and other than Ms. J, Mr. Jon, and Ms. Trish I believe they need a serious change in instructors. The ones I listed above are very helpful and truly have the student's best interest at heart. For the others, however, I am not so sure. There is way too much drama in ...

Kaplan University

In 2007 my husband thought he was enrolling at Kaplan for ON-LINE classes. The classes were canceled by Kaplan and he was dropped as a student because he did not attend classes ON CAMPUS. Funny thing is Kaplan made the mistake and enrolled him in the on-campus class instead of the on-line course. ...