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MUST University
Bad Experience

I enrolled with MUST University back in Mar/April 2010 to get a Masters Degree in Crime Scene Investigation. I learned throughout noticing numerous issues kept arising from this school that this University's credits are not transferrable and is not recognized by other schools nor for employment ...

Cypress Lake High School
School Abuse

On October 21st 2010 at Cypress Lake High School, in Fort Myers, FL.My daughter was sitting in her seat in Mrs.Jackson's class waiting for the bell to ring.When i rung she was still in her seat but she was sitting on her knees.When Mrs.Jackson saw her she said "sit." My daughter was confused, she ...

Kaplan University

Its funny when many others here talk good or defend Kaplan when they don't even know what they are talking about! Nor do I care ... but I am going to voice my opinion anyways...I bet that the ones that read these articles and defend Kaplan then they probably never been there or their time has not ...