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Wish I would have checked the complaints about Zoosk before I lost $55.00. I joined after getting a message from a "member" and had to pay to respond. I filled out all the info and then clicked to submit and then they added an extra charge on top of the monthly charge of about $25.00. Now I am ...


I man I met on match.com in mid January is part of an on line dating fraud. His name posted is Caleb Smith from Newtown, PA He told me he was on business in Ghana West Africa and would be back in the states in 3 week.s We were emailing everyday almost. He appeared to be sincere and charming. He ...

Worst website ever, avoid like the plague

I was last on Badoo over a year ago, and deleted the profile within 10 minute. Today i got a message from someone saying they had sent me a message, i decided to look and thought "Im sure its improved by now" ... I couldnt of been more wrong. You are forced to have 3 photos of your face and ONLY ...

House of Brides

I was just talking to a friend about my horrible experience with this website, and stumbled across all of these horror stories that are so similar to mine! I ordered a bridesmaid dress through Houseofbrides.com. I received my order confirmation on January 22, 2009. House of Brides charged my card ...