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Chemistry.com is a fraud. Once they have your profile information, it does not matter if you resign, or hide, your profile, they continue to use it to send to their new members. Most of the "matches" are nonexistent, or have resigned (probably in disgust). I have repeatedly sent them messages to ...


This site is so imbalance in several ways This site may have a good service-oriented methodology yet its ethnic balance lacks greatly in terms of advertisements, staff composition, articles, and even testimonial evidence which is majorly one-ethnic focused (usually caucasian focused). Though rated ...

Missing paychecks

Well, I thought i was done complaining about this low lifed company USACHATLINE... evidently I'm not i just emailed the owner her name is Julia... I explained to her that as of today I'm due 2 paychecks again the first one is when i first started with the scammy company...the 2nd one is for May 6th ...


After 1 week of having started my subscription, my account was hacked and highjacked. After trying to complain I found out that all my responses were going to the email of the person who highjacked my account. I tried to find a phone number to call. The numbers (and I found a few) directed me to ...

Memory Lane Event Center
Noisy neighbors

If you want a quiet and peaceful wedding, book somewhere else. The neighbors are noisy and disruptive - no that's not right - they are living their lives and if it disturbs Memory Lane Event Center, oh well. Guess they built this place way too close to others. ...


Sugardaddyforme.com is a website bringing together older men of means with younger women. While the site itself lives up to what is expected, the company has zero customer service and consistently ignores any calls or emails regarding problems with the site or with billing. I have been a long time ...