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Untrue dating site
Use of unreal users

They have such a long user agreement and don't ntice it till you see it in some remarks on some of the profiles. They have this listed in the terms and agreements. While just a non-paying member with limited access, I receive all these emails which appear to be legitimate with local cities, but you ...

Wedding dress

I recently purchased my wedding dress from peridress.com. They pushed my order back 4 months saying that they had to hand sew beads on, I recieved the dress yesterday, there isn't a bead on it anywhere. It looks nothing like what it was supposed to, the sewing on it is gappy, it is too short and ...


Name Kathleen Speck dob 4-23-56 email hill_k96@yahoo.com user name Starlight102 I was suppose to be automaticly cancelled on the 22nd of May. I called today and was told that match continued my contract for another 3 months. I am ue and can not afford this now. I must have it cancelled now ...