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Horrible product /abusive customer service

Reply to AGS’ Side of the Story

AGS replied to my post. It is filled with misinformation and omissions. I will try to be brief and concise:
1. AGS essentially claims the packing slip that came with the cable is irrelevant. In fact, the packing slip stated I received stated the cable quality to be 304. AGS stated the packing slip was for “internal use and was the source of confusion on the customer’s part.” A packing slip is designed to inform the receiver what they have in fact received. This statement makes no sense. I ordered cable quality 316 which is shown on all invoices, but not on the packing slip.
2. AGS claims they negotiated and were willing to pay $500.00 for the re-installation of the new cable system purchased from another vendor. Furthermore, they claim I agreed not to post any reviews of their business. My attorney requested they refund money for the cable system and pay $500.00 for removing their system and installing a new system, but AGS stipulated that if they paid this amount I should not post any reviews. I flatly rejected this proposal. $500.00 was not going to buy my silence on their business practices. In the end, they accepted a proposal to refund my money for the system only with no stipulations. When the cable was returned to them they acted in bad faith and unilaterally decided to withhold part of what they agreed to pay just for the cable system.
3. AGS claims I am now engaged in a “smear” campaign and I have no evidence to support my claim and they have evidence to support their claim. Writing an honest and factual review for the benefit of the public is not a smear campaign. We provided them photographic evidence of their packing slip and the damage done to the deck. They never sent anyone out to investigate this matter, take any photographs, or negotiate a fair settlement with me.

AGS claims they only sell cable of quality 316. When we purchased cable of quality 316 from another company several things were immediately apparent. The product from the other company was more expensive, the cable was shiny rather than dull and greasy looking, the fibers were more tightly woven, and the cable was more flexible. Our contractor comment that it was a “1000” percent better than what we ordered from AGS. We recommend any buyer to physically compare a sample of AGS cable with that of another company. Their cable stained the deck after the first rain whereas the new cable performed well—no staining or falling apart where it is joined at the posts. I also recommend the reader look at their warranty policy, if you want to call it a warranty. You be the judge.

When I began the legal process of negotiation through an attorney, I knew the cable was a problem and had stained the wood before it could be painted or stained. At that stage, I knew the first step was to simply recover the cost of the cable, hopefully installation costs, but the contractor was working on another project and unable to give me a full assessment of the damage. The problem took several months to partially resolve as shown in my posts. AGS showed no interest in taking responsibility for the damage that was initially reported and subsequently assessed by my contractor.

The deck has now been completed and I have a full accounting of the damages. The damages now run into thousands of dollars. Getting a refund and informing the public is simply the first step in a long process of recovering damages. Eventually, those of you considering using this company will be able to access pubic records showing the nature of their business practices and the damages I recovered from their negligence. AGS claims to be a company with an “impeccable reputation.” A company with an impeccable reputation should be concerned that their product can cause damage. Being in a construction related business myself for 35 years means this is not my first rodeo. The process is slow but in the end justice will prevail. A reputable company would step us and make the situation right without having to be forced to do so.
Author: Nancy

Offender: Ags Stainless

Country: USA

Category: Construction & Repair


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