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Download More RAM
Not working

So my computer is quite slow, I had tried everything from improving the speaker system to buying a new monitor, still no speed increase! So I contacted an old friend of mine who happens to be Bill Gates and he sent me to this website; being the avid supporter of ...

Forte Systems
Chiro8000 extortion

Our Chiro8000 program is 1 year old and we're experiencing a DataReader Error. We cannot enter a new patient. After a call -repeated calls - to customer service we're told that we need to either buy an expensive Help Desk package or (and Rep's have all recommended this option) purchase their brand ...

Karanji Infotech
Karanji Infotech

DEAR SIR, I want to complain about a company in mangalore which is using illegal software in business and I state that my complaint is absolutely true. there are few companies in mangalore like that. We have received complaints from present employees as well as ex- employees of Karanji Infotech ...