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Magic Jack
What they don't tell you

Magic Jack Plus will charge you for keeping your present number. $19.99 tax the first year and $9.99 per year thereafter. What a rip off! Once a number is ported....there is NOTHING they need do to your account. Why such a high porting fee to begin with and pure greed for the annual fee? They also ...


They treat you like you're an imbecile. After they have your money they don't care about anything else. No matter how good it sounds stay away, unless you don't mind being ripped off. Richard Lee is the head guy and he's the biggest liar of them all. ...

Fraudulent practices

I have worked with Idhasoft as an independent contractor for SAP consulting. So my personal knowledge is from that perspective. Though there were no complaints ever brought to my attention concerning my work, I had to fight for more that 6 months to get paid for the services that I provided. I say ...