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Scamming their customers

Many "models" who are advertised to be "performing live" are actually looping clips of adult film actresses. I have reported a great many of these loops and I found out that streamate just pretends to do something about it but actually just blocks me from those fake models so they don't show up for me any more. There is someone who types to reply personally to you but it's not the model shown on the loop. Streamate might actually be behind this or at very least they have no objection to it since they only pay models (real or fake) 20% of what you are paying for private video chatting. I am very interested in a class action law suit to protect those hones actual actresses who could be receiving the income, to protect the actresses who are not receiving royalties for their videos (which they may not know are videos because they may have believed they were just streaming live) and finally to protect the customers who are being falsely convinced they are paying for live streaming but are actually just being shown looping clips.
Author: BambuSantosha

Offender: Streamate

Country: USA

Category: Computers & Services

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LABuilt1 December 2, 2016 5:56 PM
Hello BambuSantosha,

I too have had horrible problems with Streamate. Their online chat "customer service" people, with ONE exception are rude, nasty and rotten.

I would like to join with you and others in a CLASS ACTION LASUIT.

They claim that they have the 1st "Full Screen" site. I can not get it to full screen, but have found other sites that are.

I have noticed, as you did, that SOME of their "models" run a taped LOOP. I have also had difficulties with the cam2cam feature. They told me I needed a NEW webcam. I went to Staples and bought a brand NEW Logitech webcam, but still had issues. They also have a "Phone" feature with some "models". I had problems with that as well. I WASTED $97.00 just trying to get things set up and working, so I didn't have to keep my hands on the keyboard and type. (It kind of defeats the purpose).

I was told by one DECENT chat rep, that Internet Explorer DOES NOT support Streamate, that Firefox & Chrome also have issues. That I should be using Safari for Streamate. I didn't use Safari, so I had to download it and install it. IT DID NOT SOLVE the streaming issues, the cam2cam issues, or the "phone" issues.

There are other "models", mostly from Eastern European countries, that claim they are into or do certain things. Yet when you ask them to get the items, before you enter the room, the refuse. With some I have then PAID and entered the room, only to have them waste time, and NOT get the items.

Because of this, I am very leery and ask several questions before I enter and start paying $4.99 a min. With one, they said the items were in the next room, and would ONLY get them for a higher price. I paid the higher price, but when I entered they REFUSED to get them, and told me to go ask my questions elsewhere. I asked what I had done wrong, they replied "nothing". I wanted to end the chat and leave NEGATIVE feedback, to warn others to avoid this "model". Since I had been told to use Safari by the other chat rep, IT DID NOT have an "X" in the upper right corner of the viewing page, like Firefox & Chrome do, to close the session. I had to reload the page to end the $4.99 a min. charges, which then would NOT allow me to leave feedback. I sent the "model" a private message complaining. I also did another chat with a rep who told me he would put a note in the models record, ONLY to find out that the rep then BLOCKED my account instead.

I have googled complaints about them. It turns out they own many, many, many other sites, and had a lawsuit against them in April 2014 for theft of "intellectual property", a proprietary system developed and patented by someone else to do video streaming that streamate uses. They have many complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. Streamate IS NOT a member of the BBB.

It is a shame they charge so much, only pay the models 1/4 - 1/5 of the charges AND provide such nasty, rotten & rude "customer service". That if you complain to them, their action is to behave like spoiled, juvenile, pathetic kids and BLOCK your account. THEY NEED to be SUED!!!
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