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NETFLIX CON offering FV Cash

I signed up with Netflix when they advertized on Farmville stating they would give 100 Farmville cash if a new member signed.Later when I inquired about getting my 100 farm cash, they told me that I was already a member. I told them NO, never. They said that back in 2000 (ten years ago), I had ...

IEA Event Planning

I booked and prepaid hotel through this company last year, for a big tradeshow in Anaheim. The company had phone and fax issues and were hard to get ahold of, lost receipts and agreements, especially after being paid. The day before our trip I call the hotel to confirm our reservations for myself ...

IEA Event Planning
Stuck holding the bag

This company contracted me to set up a tradeshow for them. I had dealings with Sandy, CD and several others that were involved. After all my work, they never complied with the agreements in place and when approached, claimed that they bankrupted the business (IE Day). They always seem to have ...