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J G Y Customs
Jgy is a ripoff

I was going to do business with jgy customs I had saved up enough to pay them I called some girl picked up the phone sounded like a teen. she was rude and didnt seem to know much about cars so i emailed jgy and told them that she didnt seem to know what i wanted because whoever i was emailing knew ...

McMahon RV Sales
McMahons RV will wait until you get a lawyer involved to get your trade in paid off.....They will not provide warrantee work in a timely manner - McMahon RV has taken well over a month to pay off our trade in.....Still not payed off, Do not believe a a wo

McMahnon's RV has not answered repeated attempts to contact their corporate office. They have repeatly lied to me.....I'm making payments on two not trust these folks, I'm so sorry I ever dealt with them. We have a few issues with the 5th Wheel, and are having to deal with the ...