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On December 22nd we ordered a 40 ft trailer for $11, 500 from 801 Manufacturing for a customer and 801 Manufacturing promised to get our trailer completed about 4-5 weeks from the time we ordered, but within 3 days our customer could not order this 40 ft trailer, so we called 801 Manufacturing to cancel the order that we made 3 days earlier, but the owner Zackery Dalley said that they could not refund the trailer because they ordered and cut the metal already.
I find it hard to believe that you would order and cut metal that soon when you have 4-5 weeks to finish the job. Generally other trailer manufactures I work with do not get the metal till 5 days before the build and Zackery Dalley obviously is trying to scam us out of our money after receiving our initial deposit.
But I decided to help Zackery Dalley from 801 Manufacturing and offer for him to build two 20 ft trailers. Zackery Dalley could not refund me for the partial $11, 500 because he already ate up some cost of the metal, but that means I would have to pay $5, 750 for each 20 ft trailer. Generally a 20ft trailer should only cost $3, 500-$4, 000 but I was still willing to allow him to build me those trailers if they were pristine trailers.
Instead of taking 4-5 weeks to build my trailers, it took 801 Manufacture over 2 months to build 2 trailers. Not only that, the trailers were poorly built.
- The paint was still drying on the trailers dripping off of the trailers when they got to my shop.
The paint was peeling off within 3-4 days after receiving the trailer
The back of one of the trailers were off level by 3/8”-1/2”.
The welds were not even. About 1/8”-1/4” off on each joint. Generally weld joints suppose to be even.
Paint on the lights
No stickers on the sides for road safely
The boards mounted on the trailer were not even
Once I got the trailers, I was sorely disappointed, so I called to demand a refund, but Zackery Dalley still refused, so I canceled my last check and Zackery Dalley cashed a $6, 537.75 check within 15 minutes after I canceled it.
I do not know how this scam artist was able to cash a $6, 000 check after it was canceled, but at least I had the bank to help me resolve this.
The bank did work with Zackery Dalley to resolve this issue, and I requested the paint to be fixed, the welds to be made leveled, and the boards to be even.
It took Zackery Dalley over a month or two to make those changes the best he could, and I respect him to trying to change it, but the trailers were still poorly finished.
At that time I found he was making Big Bubba Trailers and they looked 10 times better than my trailer and I asked him why didn't he make my trailer just as good as the big bubba trailers? Zackery Dalley responded “well we have gone a long way since then.” Even if you have gone a long way, there is no excuse for poor craftsmanship.
Zackery Dalley has tried to work with us, but his craftsmanship is not reliable and his honestly is not reliable either.
You are putting your money at your own risk with Zackery Dalley or 801 Manufacturing and I hope anyone who reads this horror story will learn to seek another manufacturer before you get ripped off by this company.
We are still facing legal issues with this company, and we did not want to go down this road, but dishonest builders like 801 manufacturing do not deserve to be in business.
Author: mtveter


Country: USA   State: Utah   County: Utah   City: Orem   Zip: 84057
Address: 1340 W 1200 N
Phone: 8013100666

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