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Poor service!

While at mcdonalds in Lagrangeville ny on 9/30/2007, I was charged a different price then what was on the main menu board. When I asked about this I was told they did not have the new numbers to change the board with. Nothing was done to rectify my bill so I canceled the order and walked out. How ...

McDonalds - Boston, MA
ATM Machine

On September 27, 2007 @7:20am myself and, my husband went into the Mcdonalds @ 702 Washington St., Boston, MA for breakfast after we ordered our breakfast My, husband went to pay for it with his Debt card when the person working there said the machine does not work. So, I had cash on me. But, after ...


I was recently hired by McDonalds and then was I was accused of inappropriate touching. One day as I was walking by my manager I touched him on the shoulder to let him know I was there to pass behind him because it was a very small area and I needed to get around him. He had dinner that night with ...