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Steak N Shake
Bad service rude mean etc jerk employees managers dont' care

Food service is a joke these days-- not a joke but a nightmare. it's almost as if you can't go anywhere without someone getting your order wrong, bad service rude service etc... the people that work these 'drive thrus' are dsigsuting and stupid people-- they are a**holes who are just pathetic and mean... in any way they can be... managers that work at these places are generally, immature jerks as well who have no care or regard for customer service...and will defend their nasty employees and mistreatment of customers.

hmm where do i start with steak n shake. been going to the one on 'university blvd' for years-- bad service with two bad employees during the night shift-- both very rude one especially nasty to a point where i would just avoid going to the place... if he answered- he just had to be very rude to me, and could not ever be nice--even mocked or laughed sometimes... called corporate dozens of times...nothing done... same employees working there at night the two especially.

even after complaining a manager came out one time and said "oh they only have problems with 'you' and no one else? " as if you are lying... instead of aplogizing for the bad treatment. same two employees are still working there after years and one when or if I ever order answers and if he hears my voice he leaves and let someone else takes the order!

So go to another one nearby soemtimes... decent service at first off and on sometimes rude but now it's getting bad--u go there deal with incompetent jerks and losers who get your order wrong, u have to drive back 3 times, they can't give you napkins even if you ask for them 3 times at this point... what is wrong with these incompetent rude idiots that work in food service these days... it used to already be 'bad' but now it's like a nightmare....

drive thrus are like the worst places to go and the only time you might get decent service is dine in and that's only because the server is interested in getting a tip it seems-- other than that no one cares... and if they want to, they will be so rude to you and get away with it-- like they are monsters or something total robots and jerks and not even people... and you can't ask for managers to help you because God forbid you will anger the minimum wage 'food service maniacs' who will then spit in your food if you complain or say anything 'against them'... like what?

and if you do get a manager you get some incompetent twit with no csutomer service or managerial skills who's fresh out of college, can barely speak a sentence and has the most arrogant or the dumbest 'duh' attitude possible....where is customer service...? what is wrong with these restaurants these days that are employed by the biggest jerks you can ever find anywhere- they can't get an order right- they are rude or obnoxious to customers if they want to be, and nothing is ever done about it? the same trash are always working there and getting promoted and continue with their bad service and bad treatment....

it's not fair to the paying consumer to have to endure this kind of treatment or bad service from incompetent and twisted employees at these knids of places... consumers have no power the twisted and mostly deranged employees do... and if it's not this kind of mistreatment or what not, then it's corporate nto caring, someone not caring or doign anything to help or rectify situations-- just people allownig employees to do what they want to whoever they want and get away with it-- it's just not right...
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Offender: Steak N Shake

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: E Colonial Dr

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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