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Awful really bad service, nasty rude obnoxious workers, liars and psychos

Wendy's is turning into a place where it's almost scary to get something to eat. I know taht everytime I go to a wendy's, I will encounter the most uncivil obnoxious sub-humans around, people who are mean, rude, giving you dirty looks, yelling at you, and messing your food up on purpose and serviing you the wrong thing. I've called the pointless 'wendy's hotline' many times to complain about numerous experiences, and go back to find the exact same losers and jerks working there giving me the same rude horrifying treatment. The wendy's on univ blvd--I go there several times a week to place a very simple order for a sandwich. They consistently, get it wrong, mess it up, intentionally, make me repeat it at least 5-6 times and still get it wrong. the people that take the order are jerks, the peopel that give the order have yelled at me, are mean and rude to me...once i went thru during the day and they lied and claimed that they 'ran out of turkey' after messing up my first sandwich, which I knew was not true. I was told by a manager to 'pull forward so they could speak to me since I was already told about how they had 'ran out of turkey.' I knew she was lying because there is no way that they could run out of turkey in the middle of the day. Then another psycho female that worked there again told me to "pull up' rudely to give me a refund for which I refused to do because I was not going to waste my time being harassed by the low class nuts that work there. The manager and workers there all lied to me, claiming there was no turkey, and when I called the hotline and manager, the store manager apologized to me admitting they lied and claimed that there was no way they were out of turkey, and that they were never out of turkey. Even knowing these sick employees are lying to customers, harassing them and mistreating them, wendy's continues to keep the same idiots and jerks working there who consistently mistreat customers in this way. What is wrong with the people of this society? they are the biggest nutcases to possibly exist, and the people that work at this restaurant and many are such obnoxious terrible sick and stupid low class people it's almost shocking to have to deal with the appalling things they do. Everytime I go to this wendy's, I get dirty looks, rude treatment, the same nonsense. I went to another wendy's twice, after attempting to avoid this one since it's the one closest to where I live, adn received the same obnoxious awful treatment, by the same type of people. They messed my food up, and the first time, they put sauce and cheese on a sandwich, and ended up taking tht sandwich back and giving me the same sandwich and just wiped the sauce and cheese off. They were hideously rude, and when I went there again another time I had a similar experience. They put mayonnaise on my sandwich adn when I addressed it the psycho manager there argued with me claiming I didn't ask for no mayonnaise which was untrue. Then when they gave me another sandwich, they put less turkey on it, intentionally, and I had to drive back, and waste more time and was told that "that's the amount that hsould be on" which was another lie. The manager there continued arguing with me and fighting me with regards to the sandwich, and gave me 'one' extra slice of turkey grudgingly and angrily. After eating that particular sandwich I had a stomach ache. What kind of terrible chain and restaurant is this, and what kind of deranged people work at wendy's tehse days, that it has turned into such a terrible place to get food from...these seem to be the most unintelligent mentally defective jerks you can possibly find anywhere.. and they seem to think they have some kind of upper hand over customers, and can be rude and treat them so badly and nothing is ever done about it. what is wrong with your restaurant and your sick twisted employees wendy's and why doesn't your upper management do something about the freaks you continue hiring who have no management skills or abilities, no intellect whatsoever, no common courtesy, morals, conscience, decency, people skills, education, and who you label as 'managers' when they don't even have the skills to be working or dealing with customers at all, along with the low class obnoxious losers they keep hiring as employees there.
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Offender: Wendy's

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: University Blvd/e Colonial Drive-alafaya

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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