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The employees are rude to drive thru customers, bullies, mean, and managers aer unprofessional and liars who do not assist those with health issues

Why on earth do food service workers feel they can mistreat or bully customers and get away with it? it's oen thing to have bad customer service but flat out mistreatment and negativity for no reason is just wrong but it's never to rarely stopped. this is a huge issue, maybe for some but in this case...have to post this because it is a ridiculous situation and stress and abuse towards a customer and bullying for absolutely no reason. except some of the sickos working at the drive thru are jealous females who are jealous towards other women or attractive women and have to take their anger out on them.

Food service has come to an all tiem low-- problems with handing customers a drink to their hand? This is absurd and horrible.ive complained about chick fila and a few other restaurants-- the people working the drive thrus-- seemingly arrogant bitter just mean people, some jealous women and overall low class jerks that bully customers.these ppl are just so sick in my opinion. I drive thru the chick fila to get a drink-- sometimes it's an issue sometimes not-- the person at the window is rude-- or what not.or has an attitude or can't hand you your food items corrently.

So, I went thru today-- the girl at the window was very very rude-- nasty mean attitude-- jusst being a total b -- why? Probably just another jealous stupid female who Has to treat other attractive females badly.so after I added onto my order to get a negative attitude towards it oh she ordered THIS extra as if it's a big dea.yeah u can't add to your order assumably or it's an issue right? the girl was being obnoxious.. Then the girl is trying to hand em my stuff-- out of her own anger or stupidity-- she drops my straw, so based on that, I ask for a manager because I have a bad arm and am not going to have to deal with more arm pain due to these people that work at these drive thrus that take their anger out on customers for no reason and sometimes will shove my drink at me or do something out of spite..the manager comes-- solution rectified? Of course not--

the manager is this very nasty blonde haired very arrogant female-- who comes snarling almost--giving you a bullying threatening attitude and look as if..they're about to attack you or just angry or mean probably some 22 year old on a power trip. most managers at these places are not like this.. But this one is bad.I tell these people I had a bad arm and if they can hand me my drink.to my hand I can't reach out anymore-- of course they can't.this has to be some kind of a joke right?

The manager begins claiming oh there's liability-- that's as far as I can go-- total lie oh she's giong to 'hit her head on the window"..huh? how is someone
This pitiful, immature and stupid even any form of a manager if she's treating customers in this way and allowed to do this to someone?
She cant extend her arm out a few inches.to accommodate a customer with a health condition? I witness people extending their arms 'inside' people's cars and yet she can't move a few inches forward intentionally just to cause me, the customer more distress and also lie-- and they aer flat out refusing.

If a manager is doing this to a customer at a drive thru-- who on earth can the customer even complain to? If the manager is an immature teen on a power trip with a bad attitude and have to bully or mistreat them in this way--what are you supposed to do? They call an employee a male one-- he extends his arm out claiming look I can reach inside her car..this isn't nuts to anyone that these imo maniacs of employees are doing this to customers and getting away with it?

U call the chick fila hotline to complain.. Only to get we can forward your comments to the owner that's it? What about the next time u try to go and deal with this kind of negative nasty treatment and ppl not even able to hand your drink to you? and having to go around asking for someone to be able to hand your drink right to your hand as it's sitting outside your window? discrimination, ridiculous treatment, and utter pettiness and inanity ...
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Offender: Chickfila

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: 12305 University Blvd

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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