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Steak And Shake
Ridiculous bad service, rude employees who seem to lie, give expired foods and don't care

Steak n shake¬ sure how it can get any worse
Went to sns to get a salad..and drink, pretty simple order. Not every experience there is bad but sometimes it's ok sometimes not. This time however, ordered a salad, and ordered The meat on the side. They put the meat on there, they forgot to add an item that belonged there and worse off, they gave me an expired salad dressing that for some reason concerned meive gotten expired food there long ago and it was basically rotten food they were serving people. Lied about the drink and gave me one drink saying they didn't have it but they did. I called back, to speak to the manager, who is also an incompetent person this is a terrible chain restaurant run so poorly in so many cases. If you go inside to eat, it's not that bad usually, but the drive thru can get ridiculous With the most incompetent jackasses working there that you can imagine. I called to ask the mgr if the salad dressing was ok to eatshe could care less and said well if you open a dressing it usually lasts a monthie giving me that ok that it's ok to eat so I ate it and basically it was rotten and had a terribly tangy taste and made my stomach sickI was concerned that they are serving expired/rotten food without a care.and a big ok' from the mgr&the mgr did agree To comp me for the meal, or replace it, but I could not go back and still if I was a mgr I would be more concerned about the expired dressingsshe also claimed somenoe put the wrong dates on there'rather than thinkok we're serving potential expired food. I called the sns hotline only to be greeted by a rude idiot on the other line-.i didn't know CSR agents got short with customers calling in with concernsI told him I had to talk about a complaint or experience and his first response was rudely and bluntly WHAT IS IT I said excuse medon't u want to know the locationhe stated rudely again no I want to know what happened.with a bad attitude.the person at CSR was so rude it was a joke instead of an apology or concern he was cold mean and robotically/rudely stated HOW MUCH WAS YOUR MEAL I said total it was
10.00he said OK u want your meal replaced, I'll send you a gift card for 15.00it was awful customer service.any other place would have apologized, shown concern a little bit, said sorry about your experiencenot this jerk behind the line or sns.what kind of ridiculous horrible restaurant chain is this anyway? Terrible Customer servicerude mean.people don't care They are serving weeks old expired salad dressing. At another SNScold rude people at the drive thru- making u repeat your simple side order' 5-6 times.making you pull forward And giving you your meal like 20 mins latermaking you wait 20 minsdisregarding you.. ie
Happen to go to antoher SNS nearby one day where I was told to pull up for a side order' that was going to be ready in 30 secondsI ordered one side item, was asked to repeat It 5-6 times by the jerk at the windowwho claims he couldn't hear' though I was basicalyl yelling the order--total freak then tells me to pull forward for a side item, really rude and weird, totally stupid tooare you joking me I told him no, would nto do that after being treated this way, and for a side itemthen the item given to me is only halfway full...what? The people that work at these places are just jerks or freaks... I mean you go there to order a simple item and they screw it up to no end and are serving bad food and treating customers like trashI mean 3-4 things completely wrong with a salad, along with bad dressing...give me a break...not saying it is always that bad but that's just bad enough.. .corporate never cares and no one really cares...Have gone to eat inside steak and shake several times and the service is generally ok.the drive thru however usually employs the retards incompetents jerks and idiots who are impolite seemingly crazy and ill mannered...and seem to have no clue what they're doing half the time and are just so rude to people you don't want to deal with them again...
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Offender: Steak And Shake

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: 11822 University Blvd

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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