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Bremen is the second oldest city outside the world of San Marino, located in the center of the train station as well as the city as full of vicissitudes of texture. Walking to the train station, the oncoming German ace Barack poster, he represents Germany's daily vehicle -- the train. Although ...

Ad customer service

I did my hair keratin treatment at one of the ult sore next to where i live in the area, i was so excited, but it was just a disaster, my hair still frizzy, and i paid 169, for nothing the hairdresser there told me that you will notice a difference from the first wash, and my hair is a normally ...

Model agency

I had an interview with One Source Talent after they called me, and they "convinced me" to spend $500" for a "comp card" (industry-standard photo-resume) and an account on their website. They took 5 photos of me with a digital camera against a wall which looked horrible! I am still not sure what ...