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WC Value Plus
Fraud & cheating!

So today, i come home tired, angry at all the shit that is been happening in my life. I log in my account and look at my transactions. I am scrolling down murmuring to myself while reading all the shitty expenses i have made that are posted on my account. Then, 14.95 WC VALUE PLUS HIT ME IN BOLD ...

Smart Certify
Fraudulent business practices!

I had a telemarketer sign me up for a web design course I never order and put it on an MBNA charge account. This occurred during a time I was on painkillers recuperating from major surgery. The company refused to refund or allow me to return the course and MBNA would not answer phone calls, letters ...

Unified Services
Scam, scam, scam!

Beware of this company - UNIFIED SERVICES! These people call my house every other day this past week wanting me to accept their $1000 on-line free coupons with 3 days to a trip to hell. I told each rep that called me that I was not interested, and to take me off their phone list, and that I am on ...